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~ Tribe Fitness Studio Class Descriptions ~



Barre is inspired by ballet and Pilates to sculpt your entire body. Don't worry; you'll enjoy this intense workout when we crank up the tunes.


ab attack


Tribe's Ab Class is a quick & impactful half hour focused only on the core. Whether you want to get lean, define or build muscle, this will help!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


Tribe's HIIT class is designed like a bootcamp to energize your entire body with quick exercises done in an effective routine and get your heart rate up for maximum fat burning and increased energy.


Butts & Guts


This 30-minute class focuses on the booty and core muscles to give you the silhouette you've always wanted with a mixture of moves that'll build lean muscle.




Vinyasa Flow is an energetic and uplifting class that will fully challenge the body and mind. This moderate to fast paced class incorporates quick transitions and will introduce you to more advanced poses. Focused on strength, in addition to balance and stability, this class creates dynamic challenges that elevate your practice.

Slow Flow Yoga is a multi-level yoga class matching movement with breath, flowing through poses in a slower paced sequence. Concentration will be on breath, alignment, and posture while working to release the mind from judgment and further create a mind/body connection. Modifications will be shown for beginners and depth options for advanced.



Dance fitness

You want high energy? You got it. With all the latest upbeat songs to keep you going, you may not notice how hard you’re working…at least, not until you try to sing along and realize that you can’t!

Like Zumba, you don’t need to remember steps — just follow the instructor. While she may break down a few of the more complicated moves, you’ll never stop dancing in order to keep your heart working. Expect a mix of high and medium intensity choreography, with some routines focused on cardio dance and others on strengthening and sculpting. Expect squats, lunges, standing abs, arm exercises and more.


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